Adaptive Wellness

Living with disability, chronic condition or struggling with poor health can make you believe that there isn’t many things to improve your wellbeing because they aren’t suitable for you. Especially if you tried to enrol into mainstream activities, you might believe that it’s true. I’ve worked with many people in that situation, that’s why I focus my work on providing leisure options that improve the quality of life.

Based on my personal interests I offer in-home yoga, in-home or outdoor mindfulness, spending time in nature (hiking or cycling). Adaptive yoga and mindfulness are the most accessible options and can be taught to almost anyone. For hiking and cycling you would need clearance from your GP, but if they say you can do it, I’ll help you do it!

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Learning how to be more present in life is a great skill that improves the quality of life by decreasing obsessive-compulsive symptoms, interpersonal sensitivity, depressive features, hostility, and phobic anxiety. I teach both sensory-based mindfulness, where we learn how to pay attention on purpose to the present moment, of being aware of novelty in experiences or situations, and of perceiving differences in contexts and events as well as meditative mindfulness. Again, chosen methods depend on your strengths and likes, and may vary from mindful walks, dance, painting, eating, observing and more. Mindfulness is a part and parcel of yoga practice, but can be learned and practised on its own or in conjunction with other activities (like spending time in nature, hiking etc.)

Hiking and Cycling

Nature heals and it is proven by science. Most people can recall at least one instance of how going for a stroll, looking at sunset or having a picnic made them feel better. But there is more to spending time in nature than that. It actually affects our nervous system, decreases inflammation,reduce the chances of developing eyesight problems like hypermetropia and myopia in children, enhances focus, decreases blood pressure and enhances immune system. But most of all, it is simply pleasant! So if you are looking for a way to start being more active, relaxed and recharge your batteries, hiking might be a fantastic choice for you!

Cycling is another great way to improve well-being as it connects the benefits of cardiovascular exercise with being outdoors. Depending on the fitness level you can chose from a range of cycling trails of different length and difficulty level. I know that for many people their location doesn’t give them easy access to suitable trails, that’s why I decided to offer you assistance with getting you and your bike to the places you can truly enjoy. The second biggest problem for some people is motivation, so they need someone to come and support them in getting ready. But together we can, so let’s do this!