Corporate & School Offer

Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness – classes specially designed for corporate wellbeing programs. Can be taught both in a studio or in an office, suited to individual needs.

Office Chair Yoga – gentle and refreshing practice of yoga and mindfulness that is excellently suited to the needs of office workers. This practice helps to release stress, improve the blood flow and rejuvenate. It’s excellent for people who do not like exercising in a work place, but want to remain healthy.

Chair Yoga in Retirement Village – a gentle practice suited to the needs of people with conditions that do not allow them to practice yoga on a mat. This type of practice gives all the benefits of a mat yoga practice while being more gentle and accessible.

Stress-free lifestyle course – it is an 8-module course on leading a lifestyle that prevents burnout. The delivery of the course is suited to the needs of participants and may vary in proportions of mindfulness, physical exercises, positive psychology exercises and providing information.

Kids’ Yoga at Schools – Yoga and mindfulness courses for children and teens run as part of OSH programs and in kindergardens. One class lasts 45 to 60 minutes (depending of age group) weekly classes designed to help youngsters improve their wellbeing.