Cultivate the Positive

Yogic Journey Through The Positive 10

This 10-classes course is a yoga course created around the 10 strongest positive emotions classified by Barbara Fredrickson. Based on the conjecture of positive psychology and the tools of yoga, here is the course that aims to charge you with feeling great while using the power of your body and mind. Enjoy! Please notice that I made those classes available to you without payment, however, if you feel like you can contribute, I will truly and deeply appreciate that!


Classes coming soon:

  1. Grounding in Serenity
  2. Energising in Inspiration
  3. Abreacting in Amusement
  4. Empowering in Interest
  5. Building Resilience in Pride
  6. Uplifting in Hope
  7. Balancing in Gratitude
  8. Inspiring in Awe
  9. Finding Freedom in Joy
  10. Living in Love