Types of classes

Traditional Hatha Yoga In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. We stay in each asana for few breaths to give time to observe our body and learn how to perform asana in the most comfortable and joint-friendly way.

Alignment Hatha Yoga – the best way to start a yoga practice with classes that introduce each asana step-by-step, but also teach how yoga differs from fitness programs and familiarise a person with incorporating mindfulness and concentration on breath during practice of yoga.

Yin Yoga – In Yin Yoga all poses are practiced laying down or being close to the floor, we use props to help the body hold poses for longer times starting from two minutes, which is enough for us to remove a lot of tension in the body and get into a more meditative state of the mind.
Chair Yogagentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. This class is suitable for people with balance difficulties or lacking enough strength to hold yoga asanas without support, but it is also a good practice for learning more about alignement of body in positions.
Gentle Hatha Yoga for Seniors – in this class we practice simple but efficient yoga postures with more focus on restorative practices. It is an excellent class for elderly people, people with obesity or in need for more gentle practice for other reasons.

Kids’ Yoga – Playful and entertaining introduction to yoga and mindfulness for kids and teens taught in groups up to ten people. Excellent for kindergardens, schools and OSHs.


Adapted Yoga – one-on-onse sessions for people with special needs. Yoga practice that is entirely focused on your unique needs. With the use of props and adapting each posture to your body we develop a yoga practice that is best for you. If you can breath – you can do it! Can by founded by NDIS.

Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness – classes specially designed for corporate wellbeing programs. Can be taught both in a studio or in an office, suited to individual needs.

Office Chair Yoga – gentle and refreshing practice of yoga and minfulnesstaht is excellently suited to the needs of office workers. This practice helps to release stress, improve the blood flow and rejuvenete. It’s excellent for people who do not like exercising in a work place, but want to remain healthy.

Chair Yoga in Retirement Village – a gentle practice suited to the needs of people with conditions that do not allow them to practice yoga on a mat. This type of practice gives all the benefits of a mat yoga practice while being more gentle and accessible.

Kids’ Yoga at Schools – Yoga and mindfulness courses for children and teens run as part of OSH programs. 45 to 60 minutes weekly classes designed to help youngsters improve their wellbeing.

Stress-free lifestyle course – it is an 8-module course on leading a lifestyle that prevents burnout. The delivery of the course is suited to the needs of participants and may vary in proportions of mindfulness, physical exercises, positive psychology exercises and providing infrormation.

Philosophical counselling – personal guidance based on philosophy, ethics, positive psychology, art-therapy and yoga. From time to time we all go through changes in life that might feel like a crisis, challenge or simply an overwhelming situation. In such times many people turn to psychologists, spiritual leaders or simply good friends. But another option is secular, philosophical counselling which helps take a broader and deeper perspective.